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 This report is geared towards those who are considering a health club membership for general health. 

Hello, I am Jim Troth a husband, father, business owner, expert author and former National Champion.  What I am going to show you will change your life. 
I even guarantee it!

 Let us first take a look at health clubs.  What I have always come across is people doing the traditional exercises to try and get healthy.  People are bench pressing, doing squats, exercising the biceps, the triceps, legs, as they rotate from machine to machine.  Often they wait their turn just to complete one exercise.  It is common for someone to spend an hour in the club

This report gives a vast amount of reasons why it make economic sense to train at home versus joining an exercise club.  It make great economic sense but it also important that if you want to be able to tear others up on the BJJ MMA mats and clubs you need to be in the proper condition to do it. and this workout is KEY!

It is good that the people who become health club members are making the efforts to exercise but they are not making as good of use of their time as they could.

Bad use of time

Think about this; 20 minute drive to the club, one hour exercising (actually most of the time there is spent waiting), and then a 20 minute drive back home.   A total of One Hour Forty Minutes spent on exercising.   When I exercise at home I am done in 10 minutes.  I have saved myself one hour and thirty minutes.  When I do that four times a week I have given myself an extra six hours a week,

Six hours a week adds up to over 24 extra hours a month and to 315 extra hours a year of time.  I can get a lot of important things done with an extra 315 hours a year.   If your time is worth 20.00 per hour you saved yourself from wasting over $6,000.00 worth of your time.  

Working out at home is definitely the most time efficient way to stay healthy.

Lets now look at money.

If the membership to a health club was $50.00 each month then the yearly cost is $600.00.   Adding up the yearly membership and the cost of your time (the cost of the gasoline used while driving back and forth was not even mentioned) joining a health club will cost you close to $7,000.00 a year.

I have better things to do with my time and money and so do you.

Muscle Isolation is not the best way to exercise

The other problem with the exercises at health clubs is that the machines isolate the muscles you are exercising.  What this means is that when you are exercising your biceps, you are exercising only your biceps.  When you are exercising your chest muscles you are exercising only your chest muscles.  When you are doing leg exercises you are exercising only your leg muscles.  This is not how your body was designed to function!  Training only certain muscles leads to imbalances.  Ever see those guys at the gym that have big upper bodies and bird legs?  They look funny.  It is also non-functional.  What good is a strong chest if your legs can not carry you? 

Your body does not use only one muscle at a time while you are working or doing basic tasks.  When you carry something you use a wide array of muscles.  Your body was meant to operate by utilizing various muscles in unity.  Your muscles operate together to make your body functional.  

Functional strength is not being able to bench press or lift large amounts of weight as you do arm curls.  Functional strength is the ability of your body to move and function as you wish.  It is a balance of mobility, strength, endurance and flexibility.  No one factor is emphasized. It is the healthy balance of your body's ability to operate as it should.

Because your muscles are designed to operate together and not in isolation, compound movements are better choices for exercises.  For example when you pick up a large bag of groceries you are not only using your forearms to grip the bag but you are also using your abs and back to stabilize your torso, you use your legs and hips to propel yourself forward and you use your shoulders and arms to reach out.

My program will help you learn to use your body the way it was designed to be used.